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Your vehicle may be equipped with a 115 Volt AC (150
Watt maximum) power outlet located on the back of the
center console. This outlet can power cellular phones,
electronics and other low power devices requiring power
up to 150 Watts. Certain high-end video games, such as
Playstation3 and XBox360 will exceed this power limit, as
will most power tools.

Power Inverter
Power Inverter

The power inverter is designed with built-in overload
protection. If the power rating of 150 Watts is exceeded,
the power inverter will automatically shut down. Once
the electrical device has been removed from the outlet the
inverter should automatically reset. If the power rating
exceeds approximately 170 Watts, the power inverter
may have to be reset manually. To reset the inverter
manually press the power inverter button OFF and ON.
To avoid overloading the circuit, check the power ratings
on electrical devices prior to using the inverter.
The control switch for the outlet is located in the switch
bank above the climate controls.

Power Inverter Switch
Power Inverter Switch

Press and release the switch once to turn on the power
outlet. A status indicator in the switch will illuminate in
approximately one second to indicate that power is
available at the outlet. Press and release the switch again
to turn off the power outlet. The status indicator will also
turn off.

NOTE: Due to built-in overload protection, the power
outlet will shut down if the 115 Volt AC (150 Watt
maximum) power rating is exceeded.

To avoid serious injury or death:
Do not use a three-prong adaptor.
Do not insert any objects into the receptacles.
Do not touch with wet hands.
Close the lid when not in use.
If this outlet is mishandled, it may cause an
electric shock and failure.

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